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What Donald Trump Got Right In His Riyadh Speech

Obviously, I have some disagreements with what Donald Trump said in his Riyadh speech. Talking about Iran as if it’s the primary culprit responsible for Islamic terrorism — while praising Saudi Arabia, terrorism’s chief financier and home to both Osama bin Laden and most of the 9/11 hijackers — is disingenuous. Textbooks that glorify jihad, […]

What Chris Cornell Did for this Pakistani Kid in Saudi Arabia

It was late one winter night in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, when everyone else in the house was asleep, that I first heard the otherworldly, almost superhuman voice of Chris Cornell. It was 1989, and I was fourteen. I was watching a VHS videotape that I’d asked a friend to record music videos on while he […]

‘Atheist Muslims’ could be the key to defeating Islamic terror

I was raised in three Muslim majority countries — Libya, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan — and arrived in North America in my mid-20s. Two years after I settled in Canada, September 11 happened. Nineteen hijackers acting in the name of my parents’ religion — 15 from a country I grew up in — flew fuel-laden […]

The One Thing All Winning Presidential Candidates Have in Common

Liberals: “Bigot!” “Racist!” “Islamophobe!” Conservatives: “Condescending!” “Arrogant!” “Insulting!” These are not arguments. Don’t let them dissuade you. We should be speaking truthfully about both the fatal toxicity of Islamism and its apologists, and the breathtaking ignorance of Trumpism and its defenders. Most of you are not politicians, and you’re not looking for votes. So be […]

Iowa’s Real Winners Are Sanders and Rubio —

Historically, the few days between the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary are notoriously misleading because of what Nobel-winning economist Daniel Kahneman calls the focusing effect, defined by Wikipedia as “a cognitive bias that occurs when people place too much importance on one aspect of an event, causing an error in accurately predicting the […]